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The resources listed below are intended to provide teachers and families with access to high-quality environmental education lessons and activities that students can do from wherever they are. Use the filters on the left to search by grade level, subject, topic, location (indoor, outdoor, or both!) and more to find the one that is right for you and your students.

Muchos de los recursos están disponibles parcial o totalmente en español. Para ver este sitio web en español, haga clic aquí (traducción proporcionada a través de GoogleTranslate).

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This database was developed in partnership with the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE) and the Education Innovation Fund, a K-12 initiative dedicated to supporting innovation in learning during COVID-19. E Movement greatly appreciates all of the organizations that have contributed their time and materials – please visit their websites for more great resources!

  • Garden Scientists

    Young scientists explore a school garden using their 5 senses with experienced Kindergarten teacher, Mary Claire Collins, then do their own exploration at home, in a garden, or in their yard or neighborhood. A worksheet is provided to help guide students. (includes option for if there is no printer too) Grades: PreK, K, 1

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  • Seed Exploration

    Garden to Table Program Director Lindsey LeCuyer leads students on an exploration of plants in the garden, reviewing plant parts and focusing on all of the amazing ways that plants spread their seeds! Students can learn with Lindsey, then go seed finding in their home, garden, or neighborhood environment. Worksheets are provided for labeling plant parts and helping students find seeds that can travel. (Spanish language video coming soon!) Grades: 1, 2

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  • Fall Harvest – Producers & Consumers

    Garden to Table Program Director Lindsey LeCuyer asks students to think about producers and consumers in connection to the fall harvest. Students can brainstorm with Lindsey then work at home to find connections between producers and consumers in the economy and even the natural environment! A worksheet and online materials are provided for more learning at home. (Spanish language video coming soon!) Grades: 2, 3, 4

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  • Seeds by Feel

    In this game, your kids will learn about different seed types using their senses! They will also learn that different plants have different types of seeds. Grades: K-6

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  • Kitchen Scrap Garden

    Did you know that many of the fruit and vegetable scraps that get thrown away can be regrown and eaten right in your own kitchen? This activity provides directions for how to grow scraps (food waste). Grades: 2-8

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