BoCo Open Space


Thanks to the following organizations, schools, and individuals who envision a bright future and are engaging in the work to get there.

Founding Supporters

Engaged Schools

Schoolwide Adoption: Lyons Elementary; Louisville Middle School
Classrooms: Columbine Elementary (BVSD), Columbine Elementary (SVVSD), Adventure Montessori, Eisenhower Elementary, New Vista High School, Monarch High School, Centaurus High School, and Fairview High School

Environmental Educators

Growe Foundation, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, Cottonwood Institute, Boulder Valley Inspiring Connections Outdoors, Eco-Cycle, Entrepreneurial Earth, Thorne Nature Experience, Ocean First Institute, Wild Bear Center, Cal-Wood Education Center, Jeff and Paige, Boulder County Open Space, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, and Boulder County Audubon Society.