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Information For Teachers

We assist teachers in providing the most effective environmental education that builds upon past experiences and prepares for the future.

Benefits For Teachers

  • Intentional grade-specific learning outcomes

    We assist teachers in providing the appropriate scaffolding to build upon past experiences and prepare students for lessons and experiences in the future.

  • Holistic teaching resources targetting the whole student

    E Movement resources aide teachers to develop the head, heart, hands, and feet of students and correlate to CO standards when possible.

  • Connect with pre-approved third party educators

    We provide easy to navigate tools making it easier for teachers to narrow down who is the best fit to work with.

  • Recognition & Community

    The E Movement is creating community around holistic learning and is excited to publicly recognize our members.

How to Join the E Movement

  1. Register

    Fill out a simple online survey.

  2. Connect

    Speak with the E Movement coordinator so we know how to best work with you.

  3. Integrate

    Use E Guidelines as a blueprint to educate your students.

  4. Celebrate

    E Movement would like to recognize you and celebrate implementation.


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