Thorne Nature Experience

Information For EE Providers

Environmental Educators are an integral part of the E Movement. Learn what we can do for each other and how to join the E Movement.

Benefits For EE Providers

  • A continuum of holistic learning outcomes

    Know students are ready for what you will teach and that these experiences will be built upon in subsequent experiences.

  • Be featured as a pre-approved program provider

    More easily connect with schools and classrooms around Boulder County.

  • Create your niche in the E Movement

    Learn where teaching gaps lie and choose to fill them with innovative and relevant programming.

  • Support and be supported by the E Movement

    The E Movement will grow the environmental education community in Boulder County through connection recognition, and sharing best practices.

How to Join

  1. Apply

    Submit an E Movement Application.

  2. Review

    Speak with the E Movement Coordinator to review your application materials and learn more about how you fit into the E Movement.

  3. Get Approved

    Await Review Committee approval. The review Committee is made up of Boulder Valley School District, St Vrain Valley School District, and Boulder County Sustainability Office staff.

  4. Make it Official

    E Movement would like to recognize you and celebrate implementation.


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