What is the E Movement?

The E Movement is a collective of teachers, schools, local governments, nonprofits, and someday parents and businesses collaborating to increase environmental literacy and build a stewardship ethic within today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders. To guide our collaborative efforts, we have developed a set of E Guidelines that lay out a scaffolded, whole-child approach to environmental education.


About the E Movement

Our mission is to advance the continuity, effectiveness, and access of environmental education in Boulder County through collaboration and community.

Our vision is that graduates of Boulder County schools are the most environmentally literate graduates in the country and that they make decisions throughout adulthood that support a healthy and vibrant Boulder County and planet.

What the E Movement does


Create continuity of environmental education experiences provided to youth from pre-k through high-school so that experiences are built upon and gaps are filled.


Make free resources available to all educators.


Facilitate holistic and age appropriate educational experiences engaging each youth’s head, heart, hands, and feet both inside and outside of the classroom.


Connect teachers and non-formal educators (and someday parents too) to environmental education experiences for youth and youth groups including field trips, in-school visits, service projects,  after school programs, and more.


Recognize successes and spread best practices and lessons learned.


Evaluate results allowing for constant development and growth.

Who is Part of the E Movement?

The E Movement consists of schools, administrators, teachers, third party environmental educators, students, and parents. The E Movement is managed by Boulder County’s Office of Sustainability.

How Does it Work?

Schools, teachers, and third party environmental educators (program providers) join the E Movement by making a commitment to use the E Guidelines to create consistency in the environmental education provided both in and out of the classroom. In exchange, the E Movement provides teaching resources, learning and connection opportunities, recognition, and evaluation.

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